The VOGUE Italia publication | Anthony Turano

After my beauty shoot with oh-so-talented Anthony Turano, I was craving another fashion shoot with him full of creative freedom and good energy just like I love them! That day was 5 days ago when Anhony asked me If I wanted to take care of hairstyling and Makeup for an editorial…uhm…YES!!!

So here I am all excited after seeing the mood board he sent me,Loved the inspirational hairstyle,makeup and styling!

I get to the studio at 3:30,unpack my makeup bags, and then the model comes,followed by the stylist, absolutely stunning! I thought to myself,that is a gorgeous canvas to work on!! ( just like painting!)

As I started the makeup on Andréanne Robillard ( from Next Models Canada), I noticed Sharone was still unpacking her suitcases for the last 30 minutes,bags after bags after boxes after small boxes , THAT is what I call a prepared stylist ,she brought a wide variety of clothing and oh-so-original accessories,great tastes!she had everything you can think of: headache? ADVIL! dry skin? pimples? red eyes? she’s got it all!

After getting the first look done then the second one, we slowly started realizing we were leaning towards a 60′s inspired look,It was just perfect and harmonious with the colourful background Anthony chose!  we were shooting until about midnight,I don’t really need to tell you how our energy level was still high even then,well ok…maybe not as high as the start,but still positive and creative!…I knew the purpose of this shoot ( besides artistic expression) was trying to get a publication,but I had NOOOO idea it was going to be approved by VOGUE Italia ( only 12h after the shoot was submitted!).That’s what I call a nice surprise!


Photographer :© Anthony Turano
Makeup & Hair: Amal Afoussi
Stylist: Sharone Benamou FashionDesigner
Model: Andreanne  (Next)

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